The ultimate otaku software

KawAnime does many things.

Be aware of the latest releases

KawAnime lets you know the latest releases according to your preferred fansubs, and lets you download them easily with just a click.

Download any anime, simply

KawAnime allows anyone to download any anime (via torrent) as easy as it should be. No more looking for batch torrents.

Manage your watch lists

Anyone can manage local watch lists easily in KawAnime.

Follow the anime season

KawAnime offers a feature to follow the anime seasons simply, even adding anime to your watch lists on the go is easy!

Follow the anime world actuality

KawAnime lets you aware of the anime related news.

Start watching your anime directly from KawAnime

No need to open yet another software to start watching your animes. You can start (and even delete) your anime files from within KawAnime. It will open in your preferred app. This alongside a nice overview of the anime you are interested in watching!

Don't forget what you watched

KawAnime stores your watching history. Of course, you can delete entries on the go if you need to. ( ͡°ʖ ͡°)

What is KawAnime?

KawAnime is a desktop app with the purpose of having anyone able to easily download tons of anime as much as being able to download one of the latest releases with just a click.
KawAnime offers many other features to follow the anime world. It was made by anime fans and designed for them.
Try it out, it is free!
I mean... It's not like I want you to download it or anything

Contribute & help

There are several ways to help this project.
Help develop KawAnime
Report bugs or propose features